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When my mother was first diagnosed with  dementia, I started doing research. I read every web page, every book and every article written on dementia or Alzheimers. I became a walking reference book on this terrible disease. Friends learned to avoid mentioning my mother or Alzheimer's as I would launch into an eye glazing monologue of statistics, but after all the facts were read and digested, I was left with the undeniable facts. My mother had a progressive, degenerative disease that would rob her of her memory and dignity and would ultimately lead to her death. There was no cure. There was no hope.

That was 8 years ago. Mother is now in the final stages. She no longer eats solid food and exists only on the Ensure that is poured down her. She can not walk and spends her days sitting in a recliner in a dreary nursing home as the nice ALF refused to keep her after  she lost her mobility. She sleeps all day and screams all night. She is on hospice and we are waiting for the end.

Alzheimer's is truly the "Long Goodbye." I lost my mother eight years ago and have had to be a witness to the deterioration of an intelligent and vital human being.


My mother died August 31, 2005 after 8 years with Alzheimer's. She was 93.






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